Guinness 1759 Limited Edition Amber Ale – ultra-premium beer

Pour a Guinness The 1759 and enjoy a beer like no other.

It is made with a 200-year-old recipe that uses the same Guinness yeast to brew the beer that has been used by the Irish brewery for more than 125 years. The amber ale has a rich butterscotch aroma with subtle hop notes of mellow, caramel flavor.

ultra-premium beer
Guinness 1759 Limited Edition Amber Ale.

Limited edition luxury beer

The Irish brewery Guinness, best known for its iconic stout, has released an “ultra-premium beer” called Guinness The 1759. The limited edition amber ale is first in the Guinness Signature Series that offers a range of limited edition luxury beers made from rare and highly sought after ingredients. It is brewed with both traditional beer malt and the same peated whisky malt used in the world’s finest Scotch and Irish whiskies.

Because there’s nothing as delicious as history — and tacos, but also history — Guinness has launched a “Signature Series” whose limited-edition beers will all be named after and informed by crucial dates from the 255-year-old brewery’s past.

The distinctive fusion of caramel and warming butterscotch is just the beginning. Where the flavour goes from there depends on you. Like the complexity of every palate, the sum of the ingredients is altogether unique. But what really hits you is that whiskey influence.

It’s not as in your face as a barrel-aged ale, but there’s certainly a nice twist of dry, scotchy smokiness — not too much though, because apparently overdoing that peat can give you something more akin to soy sauce than ale, and you’d have to be a kikkomaniac to want to drink an entire bottle of soy sauce.

Limited edition luxury beer.
Limited edition luxury beer.

Not often is something created that so obviously stands out from the crowd – and ours is a crowded market. Rare in the truest sense, this special edition, small-batch amber ale from the Guinness master brewers is brewed with fine peated whisky malt, just like those used in the world’s premier whiskies and scotches. Flavour is foremost. With that comes a lasting impression. Guinness The 1759 is available strictly in limited quantity.

You could enjoy one of those bottles when you stay in one of the best five-star hotels in Ireland.

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