Test: How lucky Are YOU gonna be in the near future?

Do you live a charmed life or does luck seem to pass you by? Take this quiz to find out how lucky you gonna be in near future

Find out if you're truly lucky

How lucky Are YOU?
So, let's start and good luck with this quiz~~!

The Lucky Quiz will test how lucky you are, and reveal your true feelings about luck, fate and superstition. Take this quiz to find out how lucky you gonna be in near future and what money are waiting for you around the corner. So, let's start and good luck with this quiz~~!

Choose a Season when you were born


What part of the world do you live on?

1. Eurasia
2. Australia
3. America
4. Africa

Have you ever found money on the street?

Yes, multiple times!
Maybe once.
No, never.
No, but I've definitely lost money on the street.

Have you ever won a randomly selected competition?

1. I'm a literal lottery winner.
2. Yes, I have, and I've won some cool stuff!
3. Once or twice, I've never won anything big though.
4. No, never, though I do enter a lot.

Have you ever managed to pass an exam or assignment without studying?

Yes, and I did surprisingly well!
Yes, but only just.
No, every time I try to do that I just end up with a terrible grade.
No, I'm too organised for that.

Have you ever found a four-leaf clover?

1. Yes, I have, more than once!
2. Yes, once!
3. No, never.
4. I thought I did once, but it was just two sneakily positioned three-leafed clovers 🙁

What association you have with billiard ball?

Lotto ball
Bowling ball
Soap bubble
Golf ball

Do you use birthday dates when you fill lottery tickets?

1. Yes, only my birthday
2. Only my relative’s birthdays
3. Yes, I use my and relative’s birthdays
4. No. I don’t do that

What are your good luck symbols?

Crossed fingers
All of them

If you would win a jackpot, where would you buy a property?

Private castle in Ireland
Penthouse in a skyscraper in Manhattan
Bungalow on a beautiful island
Luxury home in Miami

All 10 questions completed!

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